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Reputable Roofing Contractors & Regulators in Sebastian Providing Roofing Inspections & Quality Replacements and Repairs

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Put your trust in our experienced examiners to conduct roofing inspections, project management. quality materials and labor at your property or business.


To ensure that the roofing repairs or replacement you require are carried out correctly, contact Joe Scozzari Roof Services Consulting, Inc.

Quality roof covering at minimal cost.
Your roof is the most important part of your home.

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Who We Are

At Joe Scozzari Roof Services Contracting & Consulting, we are a team of roofers, consultants and project managers with 80 years combined experience in the roofing trades. We conduct inspections before providing a report for property owners and provide the best services to complete the job. For more than 35 years, we have been working with residential, commercial, and industrial clients, taking care of them throughout the process and after.

Contact  us now at (888) 657-8106 and ask us about the residential and
commercial roofing contracting services which we provide in the Sebastian, FL area.