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Career Opportunities

Joe Scozzari Roof Services Contracting & Consulting can train you to inspect all types of roofing materials for weather related damage.

If you are a roofing contractor, we can train your staff to increase your sales and beat your competition every time you go on an estimate, while maintaining higher profit margins than you are currently seeing.

Seems almost unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Roof services can train you as an individual to be a valuable member of your local roofing contractor’s economy and—more so—your own neighborhood economy. This is not a sales job; it’s an opportunity for you to learn how to be part of a national roof consulting and project management team. Roof Services will train you in the most effective way to maintain a high income in the roofing/waterproofing trades while giving homeowners and business owners the information they need to reduce their roofing cost without sparing quality.

You do not have to be a roofer, though it will help if you have some knowledge.

Roof services needs you and we will dedicate our time to train you or your team in every state.

If you are new in the business, you need to know what Roof services can teach you to make a mark in your territory that will set you apart from the others, both new and old.

Have you been roofing or field adjusting roofs for more than 10 years?  Are you familiar with roofing manufacturers' specifications? Tired of breaking your back?  Joe Scozzari Roof Services Contracting & Consulting have been roofing for nearly 40 years. I have trained both men and women how to utilize weather conditions to get homeowners and business owners roofs for no more than their deductible.